The Voice of TutoTOONS Games

Recently we told you about Yoav whose music is used in many TutoTOONS games. Today we have a new blog guest. You might not know her face, but you for sure will  recognize her voice!

Meet Crystal – a voiceover actress behind Hannah, leopard Amy, cat Kiki, Sweet Baby Girl Katie and many other beloved by kids TutoTOONS characters!

Crystal is originally from Wisconsin, USA and currently resides in New York City with her husband, toddler son, cat, and a houseplant. She has always wanted to become a voiceover actor and been passionate about vocal communication in general.

I come from a long line of vocal performers (a radio DJ, a pastor, another voice actor, and an Esports broadcaster) so it must be in our blood! My passion for voiceover also comes from a long-held interest in the human voice. I’ve have fun experimenting with all it can do over the years through voiceover and am now interested in learning the science behind it.

Crystal is currently studying to become a Speech Language Pathologist (how cool!).

I believe it will be a wonderful asset to being a voiceover talent and a way to give back to others who struggle with vocal communication.

Crystal truly loves her craft and embraces the benefits that it provides: accessibility to jobs (she can work from home for clients all over the world!), the variety of work, and “getting paid to be silly with other actors and directors in live recording sessions“. However, according to Crystal, sometimes it can be tricky to balance the workflow.

Sometimes everyone needs you at once and sometimes there are only auditions for a whole week!

Crystal has worked on voiceovers for dozens of different TutoTOONS characters, and it is really impressive how she transforms and adjusts her voice according to them!

I always enjoy games that allow me to use a variety of voices like the Animal Hair Salon series because it’s a fun challenge! These are also the most complicated when introducing new characters because we want to keep each character sounding distinct from one another. I also really like recording interactive storybooks like Mia and Her Mammoth or Hannah’s High School Crush.


Fun fact: we’ve worked on ~100 games with Crystal! Thank you for your amazing talent, Crystal!

Check out Crystal’s website: