Sneak Peek at My Animal Hair Salon – Meet New Fluffy Clients

We are super excited to share a new game from our crazy popular Animal Hair Salon series (less then 2 weeks till its release!), but can only show some sneak peeks for now🤫 Kids' favorite fluffy characters, leopard Amy, panda Lu, koala Maggie and cat Pearl will return AND get new animal friends! Get to know them! We've added tons of new hairstyling tools and textures! Now you can brush, move, braid, curl and straighten hair as you wish! The crazier the more fun! Watch this demo video to learn more!

Coloring Pages for Kids with Smolsies! Download & Print for Free

So many people wanted to have coloring pages with Smolsies — so we made them!   Get free printable coloring pages with the cutest creatures. Unicorn cat, dragon, sheep, kitty, deer, bunny —all from our hit game Smolsies! Your kids will love them for sure! Download, print and enjoy! Make sure to send us photos of your kids' creations (via Facebook, Instagram or at — we'd love to see them!

Smol Talk

Let's talk about... no, not weather! Let's talk about Smolsies – our latest sandbox game for the whole family!  Rewind time! Once in a while, we would have internal game pitching events where team members are encouraged to express even the craziest game ideas. During one of those the concept of Smolsies was presented. The team immediately fell in love with the idea! And that's how we started developing Smolsies – a collection-based game where kids grow a herd of adorable pets and care for them. Each Smolsie is a unique creature based on kids’ favorite animals – from cats and dogs to unicorns and dragons! There is always a surprise element in the game – a magic merge machine produces new colorful eggs from which unexpected animals hatch! We love Smolsies so much we even made a plush toy! Just look at this cutie! Who knows, maybe in a few months you'll see Smolsies in your local toy shops 😃. Our furry colleagues love the Smolsie toy too! Sometimes too much... Find Smolsies on your app stores! Download Smolsies – My Cute Pet House ➡️ NEW! Free printable coloring pages with Smolsies! Download.

Meet New Critters! Smolsies – My Cute Pet House – Update on Google Play

We are happy to see that our players can't get enough of Smolsies and already want to adopt new pom-pom cuties! You asked, we listened - please welcome new Smolsies! An exciting update is released on Google Play! 3 new adorable pets, more toys and a bigger map! Can you find the magic unicorn cat creature? Download Smolsies - My Cute Pet House ➡️ NEW! Download printable coloring pages with Smolsies for free!