Magical Tunes behind TutoTOONS

Meet Yoav Alyagon – the creator of upbeat and cheerful tunes you can hear while playing a lot of TutoTOONS games. Let’s learn more about this inspiring musician!

Yoav lives in a small village in Israel with a beautiful woman, their lovely child and two cats. He has been creating music and experimenting with various genres, from classic to alternative rock to electronic, for over 20 years now.

Today my main focus is enjoying life… producing happy and inspiring music, relaxing, having fun and spending a lot of time with my family and friends.

For his main sources of inspiration Yoav names kids, cats, sounds of birds, toys, laughter and the overall feeling of joy, ease, happiness and love.

Kids are the best. They are full of life, joy, freedom, and innocence. Composing music for kids is fun. It makes me feel like a child again 🙂 So I’m very happy to have my music played on TutoTOONS.


Thank you, Yoav, for composing the perfect music for TutoTOONS games!

Check out Yoav’s music creations on MelodyLoops and AudioJungle.