[CLOSED] Looking for a Game Designer in Kaunas

Join our team as a game designer and helps us create games that engage! YOU WILL Design original game mechanics Develop and test various monetisation strategies Prepare storyboards, game flow and level designs Analyze game performance, make and test hypotheses on how to improve gameplay Work closely with game developers and artists on prototyping and production YOU SHOULD Have experience in game design Have understanding of game loops, player experience and why games are fun Have excellent written and verbal English language skills Be attentive to detail, creative, curious, fun and easy to work with WE OFFER Full-time Game Designer job position Opportunity to learn about the game industry Opportunity to excel and improve work related skills Workplace in our modern and pet-friendly office in Kaunas Super friendly team and the best parties ever Free coffee, tea, snacks, foosball, PlayStation and more Starting salary (net): 600-1200 Eur APPLY NOW Email your CV and cover letter at jobs@tutotoons.com. Email subject: Game Designer Kaunas 2020-02 Application deadline: March 9th, 2020 (inclusive) Check out more open positions here! Learn more about our games and office life.

We Are Hiring!

TutoTOONS is looking for new team members and offering full-time job in KAUNAS. Press the job position title below to learn about the requirements and how to apply: ~~> GAME DESIGNER ~~> GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN ~~> WEB DEVELOPER ~~> OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR If you are selected, we promise you: Full-time job (Game Designer, Graphic Design Intern, Web Developer or Office Administrator) Opportunity to excel and improve work related skills Opportunity to learn about kids, game industry and startup life The best workplace at our office in Kaunas Super friendly team and the best parties ever Free coffee, tea, foosball, PlayStation and more fun things Apply Now & Join TutoTOONS Team!

Irena’s Art Blog

Awesome blog post by Irena Gladkova where she shares the whole story (and beautiful art!) of creating Rainbow’s Magical Flower Salon, her first mobile game for kids with TutoTOONS. Read & get inspired to create your own game! :) Sneak Peek About a year ago (and some) I found out about a nifty platform called TutoTOONS. In short - if you create beautiful drawings, but programming is like martian to you, this platform lets you create and publish your own game just by dragging and dropping pretty pictures. I was excited to start drawing the flowers, and backgrounds and everything. But this was a pleasure project and I worked hard for pure pleasure and not a cent to be paid till the game is published and makes its first download and/or purchase. Having mouths to feed I had to juggle between “Drawing for pleasure” and “Drawing for food”, and it was obvious that this project will be a long run to the finish. I loved and lived for every single minute I was able to squeeze and work on my mobile game. I also had to hone my digital painting skills while drawing the actual illustration that will make my game. There were many days spent in painting something to the tiniest intricate detail, just to be discarded later. Stay tuned for the news when Rainbow’s Magical Flower Salon shows up on the app stores!

Meet Maria, Our First Employee in Barcelona!

We’re excited to announce that we have a new member in TutoTOONS Barcelona team - please welcome Maria and enjoy reading her story! I’m María Fernanda Díez Huerta, or María Díez, or Nany, as friends call me. My name is so long because I’m Mexican! and that’s kind of normal over there. My family is Spanish though; my grandparents moved to Mexico from Spain because of the Civil War, so I have both nationalities. I’m 30 years old and I’ve moved around quite a lot! My stepfather is Dutch, so when I was 15, the whole family moved to The Netherlands. Later on, we moved to Ourense (Galicia, Spain), and then I went back to Mexico while my family moved to Barcelona. After 2 years, I joined my family in Barcelona and 10 years later, here I am! My family however, moved back to Holland and back to Mexico. It’s a bit of a chaos :P but we all manage to stay in touch. I started studying a BA in Audiovisual Communication in Mexico while my family was in Barcelona. I decided to visit them but when I arrived I had the bad luck of getting a thrombosis when I was 20 years old, so I couldn’t take a plane in a long time. Therefore, I had to stay in Barcelona for a while and I studied a 1-year programme in Sound Engineering and Audiovisual Post-production, as well as an online course in Production for TV, Radio and Film. After that, I met my now husband, and decided to stay. I studied a 1-year program in Visual Design and then I studied Sound Engineering and a BA in Audiovisual & Recording Arts. During these years, I learnt a lot not only about sound, but post-production, image editing, art, animation, film and new media, including video games. I’ve always been in love with animation and video games, and I come from a family with painters, singers, musicians and graphic designers. But even if I kept trying to get into any of these industries, the unemployment rate in Spain got massive and it was very difficult to get a job anywhere. In the meantime, I studied a short course in Game Design, and was lucky to work for tech companies where I could manage creative projects and learn how to adapt to fast-paced environments. After more than 3 years of working at Booking.com, first as a Content Editor and then as a Photo Specialist, I got a job as a Production Assistant at Ilion Animation Studios in Madrid, one of the largest animation studios in Europe. I had the amazing experience of collaborating on a film with Paramount Pictures, called Amusement Park (to be released in 2016). After a couple of months, I came back to Barcelona and one day I found out about an online games’ company called TutoTOONS and that they were looking for a Game Designer, fortunately with a hybrid background like mine. I felt a huge hunch that I had to apply and after several interviews and meetings with TutoTOONS co-founder Damien Bruneau, I got hired! I’m really loving it so far. I really like anything production-related and this job is half Game Designer, half Producer. I particularly enjoy being in contact with such talented artists and help them polish their art to produce a fantastic game which will be enjoyed by many children (most likely girls) all over the world. I’ve only been here for not even 3 weeks, but so far, so good, and Damien gave me a very good training. I would really like to grow on a role as a Creative Producer, coordinating all the creative processes involved in our games. But who knows what the future might bring! It seems pretty bright at the moment, and a good place to be right now. For now, I can only do my very best, because feeling that you’re a part of something that you believe in, that you enjoy and that you can witness its growth, it’s amazing. Completely changing the topic, I love doing Yoga and I danced classical ballet for many years. I’m in love with ballet and will start dancing again after a 2-year pause as soon as I can. Of course, I love video games and animated films. I go to the movies as often as my wallet allows it and I possibly watch a film per day. I play social games on my iPad and every weekend my husband and I get together with friends to play Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur or listen to music, my second biggest passion. I’m also a YouTube-addict & makeup junkie. Everything that has to do with color, rainbows, glitter, Halloween and unicorns, fascinates me :) Oh! and I’m also gluten-free and don’t like cheese (that’s as rare as someone saying they don’t like chocolate), but I can bake really good desserts. I think that’s it!

October Newsletter Is Out!

Hello TutoTOONS friends! As every month, we’re bringing you the latest news from TutoTOONS. In this issue, learn about the new features that will help you create realistic cooking games and cup fill up effects! Read more here: http://eepurl.com/bArEc9 Subscribe: http://tutotoons.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=8fb368af3f44aecab4027a6e0&id=bb337146d1 Past issues: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=8fb368af3f44aecab4027a6e0&id=bb337146d1

June Newsletter Has Arrived!

Hello game designers & artists! Time for monthly news from TutoTOONS! This time we sent you some exclusive images of the new TutoTOONS design that will go live very soon, update on our latest achievements and special tips straight from game designers. Enjoy! Read the newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bpjC29 Subscribe: http://tutotoons.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=8fb368af3f44aecab4027a6e0&id=bb337146d1 Past issues: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=8fb368af3f44aecab4027a6e0&id=bb337146d1