Fun Drawing Party Idea

It’s been two weeks since we last posted Level Up creations. Easter holidays made our artists postpone their fun drawing time to Friday, and here’s what they did just before the weekend. Five TutoTOONS artists decided to draw random things and make 1 drawing. You can try this creative game with friends, anywhere and anytime. Trust us, the more you play, the more addicting and exciting it gets! Tools: Paper and pen (or other art supplies that you want to use). Rules: Everyone takes turns and has only 10 seconds to draw something, then must pass the pen to a friend. The result may not be a masterpiece but it sure was one of the most fun Level Ups!

Epic Win in Startup Battle at SV2B

Last weekend 1/3 of our team (Mantas, Arvydas, Deividas and Migle) went to technology and business conference Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics (SV2B) to compete in Startup Battle. The first challenge - Startup Battle semi-final - was on Saturday. 50 best startups pitched their business ideas in front of the judges from Silicon Valley. The competition seemed tough (startups already had users, generated revenue, the presentations were well prepared, etc.) but TutoTOONS was selected as one of the Top 11 startups to compete in the final. On Sunday evening Mantas presented TutoTOONS on the main SV2B stage showing exceptional confidence. Result: TutoTOONS was announced as the absolute winner of Startup Battle! As the best startup, TutoTOONS was awarded with a business trip to Silicon Valley (powered by Game Insight, SV2B and Startup Highway). As the best Lithuanian team, we have an honour to represent Lithuania in the global startup battle event - “Get in the Ring” (GITR) Eastern European Finals in Sofia (Bulgaria). Powered by Enterprise Lithuania, Live Mobile Congress, IMI and Civitta. Silicon Valley and Bulgaria - here we come! Many thanks to all who supported us. You’re the best! Some precious moments from the award ceremony (© SV2B, 2014):