#WorkFromHome & Our Fluffy Colleagues

Last week was rather hectic. Just as hundreds of other companies, we decided to start working remotely to prevent the virus from spreading. So we had to leave our cozy office packed with snacks (😭), turn little corners of our homes into office spaces… and get adjusted to working with new colleagues. Pretty weird and often lazy colleagues 🤔

Just look at them sleeping right at the worsplace!

Some colleagues decided that every chair is their chair.

Others are suPURRvising closely.

Others are just constantly snacking!

Some co-workers are very confused as to why there are suddenly big scary computers on THEIR tables!

Others just need a warm hug. Or a romantic view from a balcony 💗

And here we have the most helpful boi! “Hooman’s coding? I helps! Oh, hooman’s having a call? I sings for his colleagues!”

Weird colleagues, we told you! But all of them are very, very good bois and gurls!

We hope you all are staying safe and, if possible, home. Now it’s the most useful thing we can do! #StayHomeClub