Viskas Bus Gerai (Everything Will Be Alright) Charity Project – Happimess x TutoTOONS

Here in Lithuania, we have a wonderful charity project Happimess that helps families with children with oncological diseases. TutoTOONS decided to contribute to this beautiful initiative and turn their new book, Viskas bus gerai, arba Liuka robotų karalystėje (Everything Will Be Alright, or Liuka in the Robot Kingdom) by Jurga Baltrukonytė, into a game.

The book and game follow the story of Liuka — a very brave little puppy who suddenly started feeling unwell— and her family. In the game, kids will visit a hospital, organize a haircut party and fight the illness together with Liuka. The game emphasizes that it is important to never ever give up!

We hope that this project will show kids that they don’t have to fear hospitals and help families cope with challenges they may face while fighting oncological diseases.

Learn more about Happimess and their activities – and

Download Viskas bus gerai game from Google Play and App Store.