Kitty Meow Meow City Heroes – Cats to the Rescue! – New Game Release

Another TutoTOONS game that not only entertains kids, but also teaches them new skills and improves their sense of responsibility! Cute and fluffy citizens of the pet city are in danger! A huge storm destroyed their peaceful hometown. Join the superhero team of brave cat firefighter, policeman, engineer and doctor and save terrified animals from fire and floods! Get Kitty Meow Meow City Heroes for free! Play Store - Amazon - App Store -

300 Million Game Downloads!

We are thrilled to announce that TutoTOONS reached 300 million game downloads! A huge THANK YOU to all TutoTOONS supporters and players. You made it happen! A special thanks to our amazing friends SuperAwesome and Kidoz! We are glad to be partners with companies that also understand the importance of creating entertaining, yet safe content for kids. In less than a year, our game downloads increased by another 100 million. Currently we have more than 330 published games and 8 million monthly active users worldwide. Watch the video!