New Level Up: Create Your Own TutoTOONS Owl!

Our team of artists is starting a new week with Level Up and we invite everyone to join and draw together! 

The task is to turn TutoTOONS owl into any character / persona you want​.

Original TutoTOONS owl:

Superhero owl​, ​Halloween owl​, ​cute baby owl​ – it’s up to your fantasy. Sketch and draw using any technique, style and tools – anything you choose and like the most.

Remember that you should spend only 1 hour on creating your own TutoTOONS owl for Level Up.

We are waiting for your works at [email protected] until October 29, Thursday, 9AM, LT time. Don’t forget to write your name, portfolio link, city and country.

Here are some examples:


Good luck!