Creator of “Tiger and Bugs” Will Show You That Mobile Games Can Be Made with Pencils and Paper!

Tiger and Bugs is the only TutoTOONS game made using hand drawn illustrations instead of computer graphics. Let’s hear more about the creation of this game straight from the author, talented Lithuanian artist Eglė Celskytė.

TutoTOONS: Hi Eglė, nice to meet you! Tell us about yourself, what do you do, what are your interests and hobbies?

Eglė: Hello! I am a self-taught artist. I create paintings and decorate T-shirts. I‘m interested in many handicrafts: knitting, sewing, can do decorative postcards and often experiment with new materials. I also like everything related with health, healthy lifestyle, natural healing ways, nature. Nature always inspires me. Plants and animals are visible in many of my works.

Eglė’s artwork:

How did you find out about TutoTOONS and decided to create your own game?

I know TutoTOONS for about a year. Last spring I tried out how it works but at the time, I had no plans to make a game with this tool, mostly because I do traditional drawing and not digital.

This spring I had more free time, so I decided to make a game. My friend encouraged me to do this. I created graphics for one of his games, so he told me he will help to move pictures from paper to computer screen. Then I started to think about what game could I do.


So you had some game development experience from before.

Tiger and Bugs is the first game that I created but not first that I illustrated. Some time ago, I made illustrations for a memory type game. It wasn’t big and it didn’t take much time to draw all objects.


Tell us the story behind Tiger and Bugs. How did you come up with game idea and storyline?

Now I don’t exactly remember why I have chosen this topic. I think that I saw a tiger picture somewhere and I thought that it would be great to create a game about tiger in the jungle. It could be fast and fun game.

When I was thinking why this little tiger should be running in the jungle, I got the idea that tiger can be insects collector and his purpose in this game is to catch various bugs and butterflies.


Tiger and Bugs is the only TutoTOONS game made entirely of hand drawn graphics. Tell us more about the making of the game. What steps did you take from game idea to the final game version?

Once I refined the idea, I imagined the finished game clearly on my mind. I only sketched a few scenes on paper only to not forget them and then started to draw objects with colored pencils.

After that, I had to learn how to cut scanned pictures and finally put them in a game the way I imagined. Also, I had problems finding good tiger sounds, so I ended up recording them myself.

In our experience, recording sounds for games is really fun, everyone should try it 🙂 How much time did it take to make this game?

All objects were done in a few days and it took about two weeks to cut them.

The game was finished after a few more weeks. But I couldn’t finish everything quickly because I also had to prepare all the marketing and promotion images – icon, ads, screenshots, banners… So everything took about 2 months.

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in game creation?

I think the most important is to enjoy the process because when it is interesting, it‘s a pleasure to make it.


What would you advise for other artists who decided to create a game with TutoTOONS?

Analyze the possibilities of TutoTOONS before starting to make a game. Because if you know what you can do, ideas come by themselves.


Are you planning to create more games?

Now I have ideas for two games, one of them soon will be ready to assemble into a game. It will be different from Tiger and Bugs. Graphics are still created by hand but coloring is done on computer.


Looking forward to seeing your new games. Thank you for taking some time to answer our questions!

Thank you TutoTOONS for such a great opportunity!

Grab your smartphones and tablets because it’s time to play Tiger and Bugs!

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