Rock Star Animal Hair Salon Update!

Rock Star Animal Hair Salon characters are here to rock! All the superstar animals got new clothes and are ready to be styled by you! Can you do cool makeovers for them? Now, play music with the animal band on different stages! Become a real star! Meet the band! Leopard girl Amy, the lead singer, always looks classy and loves rainbow color hair. Panda Pandora is a crazy cute and talented guitar girl. Tiny and precious Pomeranian puppy Pepper plays drums and loves tattoos. Piano player giraffe Rachel wants her day spa treatments and a new punk outfit. Don't keep them waiting and let the rock star beauty salon fun begin! Download or update Rock Star Animal Hair Salon - Super Style & Makeup app: Google Play Store – Apple Store – Amazon –

Half Human, Half Gem

TutoTOONS Level Ups are getting more fun with every week. In this week’s drawing challenge, every artist had to pick a gemstone or mineral and create a character based on it. Our artists got inspired by current trend from fans of Steven Universe, a popular animated TV series. Its characters get magical superpowers from different gemstones. Fans of Steven Universe get creative drawing their own half human, half gem personas, better known as “gemsonas”. TutoTOONS artists also took this challenge. Here’s what they created in just 1 hour!