Hacker Games: Vilnius 2017

Last weekend, a 48-hour hackathon for game, software and hardware enthusiasts took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are very proud of TutoTOONS CTO Arvydas Burdulis who supervised and mentored the most popular Games track with 12 projects (out of 24). Also, we can’t get enough of our team member Deividas Baumilas ideas at the hackathons. Last time his team created a stop motion game. Now he decided to revive his SkyRider game - a free-time project created in 2012. Read more about Hacker Games: Vilnius and the winner projects here.

Global Game Jam 2017

The world’s largest game creation event took place in 4 cities in Lithuania on January 20-22. TutoTOONS team members participated in 2 locations, Kaunas and Vilnius. This year’s theme was “waves”. Check out what they created! Kaunas team created and won (!) LT Game Jam 2017 Kaunas with WaveSurfer: Turbo Shark Escape. Congratulations! Vilnius team created a stop motion game Little Robot’s Planet, where you have to defend the planet against the waves of monsters. Ph - Mantas Puida

Two Awesome Things Made in a Night at Game Jam 2014

Game creation can be really rewarding. Take a look at Arvydas and Deividas, both happy and smiling after sleepless night of building games: There are 2 very good reasons to be excited about: new game mechanic and new game, both made in less than 24 hours during Live Mobile Game Jam 2014! In our new game mechanic you’ll get a 10x10 map where you can add walls, ground, character and goal(s) to make your own maze (labyrinth). The player has to swipe and rotate the maze left or right. After each rotation of the maze, the character inside it drops down until it reaches a wall and stops. The aim of the game is to collect all goals in the maze by moving the character inside it. Once you do it, the level is completed. Make some levels with the new game mechanic and you can have your own puzzle game! Play and see it for yourself - check out all 30 levels of our Game Jam game Monster Maze*. In this game you have to move the Monster Hunter and catch all monsters in the maze. Have fun! * Monster Maze will be on App Store very soon. Don’t miss it – follow us, like us and subscribe to our newsletter for our monthly updates (a short summary of all new cool features on TutoTOONS). Meanwhile, play Monster Maze online. ★ UPDATE | October 31, 2014 ★ Monster Maze on App Store - http://bit.ly/1E8i3Hg