“The Dam Keeper” Level Up

While part of our team was participating in LOGIN Startup Fair 2015 last week, TutoTOONS artists continued their weekly drawing challenges. This time they decided to use a scene from a wonderful animated short film The Dam Keeper (2014) by Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi as a background. The task was to draw new characters that would match the lighting and shadows of the original movie scene. If you remember, our artists have already tried a similar experiment with Winnie-the-Pooh and Miyazaki’s movie. Original scene from The Dam Keeper: Scene variations with additional characters by our artists: If you like this challenge and you love to draw, make some new characters for this scene and email us at [email protected]!

Fun Drawing Party Idea

It’s been two weeks since we last posted Level Up creations. Easter holidays made our artists postpone their fun drawing time to Friday, and here’s what they did just before the weekend. Five TutoTOONS artists decided to draw random things and make 1 drawing. You can try this creative game with friends, anywhere and anytime. Trust us, the more you play, the more addicting and exciting it gets! Tools: Paper and pen (or other art supplies that you want to use). Rules: Everyone takes turns and has only 10 seconds to draw something, then must pass the pen to a friend. The result may not be a masterpiece but it sure was one of the most fun Level Ups!

Half Human, Half Gem

TutoTOONS Level Ups are getting more fun with every week. In this week’s drawing challenge, every artist had to pick a gemstone or mineral and create a character based on it. Our artists got inspired by current trend from fans of Steven Universe, a popular animated TV series. Its characters get magical superpowers from different gemstones. Fans of Steven Universe get creative drawing their own half human, half gem personas, better known as “gemsonas”. TutoTOONS artists also took this challenge. Here’s what they created in just 1 hour!