May 2016 Newsletter

Hello TutoTOONS friends! This month is indeed very happy for TutoTOONS with a new major milestone of 100 million game downloads reached! After 2.5 years, TutoTOONS is a self-funded startup with 3 offices in Lithuania and Spain, a team of 25 people and a super creative community of 300 artists working with this platform every day. Take Oksana and Sweet Little Emma as an example and let’s celebrate together because each and everyone who works with us and believes in TutoTOONS is helping these milestones happen! :) Read More: Subscribe: Past Issues:

First Days in the New Office

It’s still a bit messy, the team is settling in and working at the same time but we really want to share a few photos from the new TutoTOONS office in LT! Now we have enough space for monthly team meeting. Closer look at the wall art (© 2016 TutoTOONS Team). Work space. Grass carpet to get the better sense of playing football. Women at work with flowers on International Women’s Day. Team with TutoTOONS clothes. Thank you BCN team for the package! More photos when the office is done! :)

February 2016 Newsletter

Hello TutoTOONS friends! This time we’ve prepared you a compilation of very different but very exciting news and updates from TutoTOONS. New ‘rolling eyes’ feature for game characters, Global Game Jam games made by our team members, new partnership, top game creators of January and more fun inside! Read More: Subscribe: Past Issues: