Stolen Sweet Baby Girl

Today, our friend from Tiny Lab Productions notified us about a terribly similar game with an awfully alike name to one of TutoTOONS top games. See it for yourself - “Sweet Baby Girl House Cleanup”, a very cheap copy of Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 4. SHAME, Dubai Games Studio! We filed a copyright infringement claim and hope to see the game removed from Google Play as soon as possible. Actually, it’s not the first time when some other developers steal Sweet Baby Girl. Now let’s compare game graphics. Can you spot the fraud game from the icon? Launch Screen Fake: Original: Game Map Fake: Original: Bathroom Fake: Original: Car Wash Fake: Original: Dog House Fake: Original: Update | July 12, 2016 Great news from the early morning - we just read an email from Google saying that the fake Sweet Baby Girl app was removed from the Play store!

Sweet Baby Girl Copyright Infringement

Looks like Sweet Baby Girl daycare games are popular among not only kids but also copycat game developers. Here’s what we found on App Store today - Baby Day Care: Feed, Bath, and Dress Up Newborn Baby by Mohsin Waqar. Baby Day Care not only imitates Sweet Baby Girl Daycare 3 (and some elements from Daycare and Daycare 2 games) but actually uses the same graphics. The longer you play these games, the more similarities you can notice. Even minor graphic-edits (color saturation, image scaling, a few different game objects, etc.) can hardly hide the resemblance. You can easily see it from just a few screenshots. Launch Screen Baby Dress Up Baby Formula We submitted a copyright infringement claim to the App Store Legal Team and we’ll keep you updated how this funny story ends. UPDATE | January 27, 2015 After receiving our complaint, Mohsin Waqar took immediate action and removed Baby Day Care game from the App Store.