Meet Daria, Creator of Doll House Games

“Doll House Cleanup” keeps its position in TutoTOONS monthly top artist list since it was published. High time to meet the artist of this game – Daria Petrova! Started as a freelancer, now she is creating games on her own.

Sneak Peek at the Game

Doll House Cleanup is a game for girls that turns simple daily chores into a fun play time. Little girl Aria and her puppy Toby will help kids learn how to keep things tidy, clean up the room, make the bed, organize toys, take care of others and help the parents at home. Watch more in the video!


TutoTOONS: Hi Daria! Tell us a little about yourself.

Daria: Hi! I’m a graphic designer from Russia. My specialty is an economist but I always dreamed to be an artist. The fact that I am working with kids’ industry makes me very happy and I hope makes my players happy too. 🙂


What about your game development experience, did you have some before TutoTOONS?

I’ve never had any game developing experience before but I’ve been working in children industry for about 8 years so it makes the process a bit easier.


Now tell us about your games. How do you come up with game ideas? What inspires you?

Well, as for the first Doll House game, it was a freelancer contract, so the game idea wasn’t mine. But it was a great experience and I’m very thankful to TutoTOONS for this opportunity. This world of kids games that I discovered with TutoTOONS is really amazing and fun!

Doll House Cleanup is a cleaning game for the littlest girls created in a cute and bright way to bring fun time for the little players. Now we are finishing a new Doll House version and this time I chose the game topics myself, with a big support from the TutoTOONS team.

What I can say about game ideas – the first and the most important thing you have to do is to clearly understand what your players need the most. I get inspired by many things: successful TutoTOONS games like Sweet Baby Girl series, Disney movies, Behance artworks and many many other things.


Disney inspires us too, we even have a Disney quote on the wall in our meeting room. What is the most fun part of creating games?

The best part is when after rough sketches you can see the final result and suddenly your game and characters start to live their own life!

That’s true! And what is the most challenging for you in game creation process?

To realise what your players need and to create a cool game idea! Also, to create marketing materials that will express your game idea to the fullest.


How long do you usually create one game? Do you work on your own or does someone help you with your games?

It’s hard to calculate but it takes quite lot of time. I had a good support from the TutoTOONS team and sometimes I also ask advice from my family and friends.

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in game development?

Idea and enjoying working!

Share a few game creation tips with people who are just starting to create their first game.

Learn and gain experience from other successful games and artists, stay with the things you love and can do the best but always think about what your players need. Always try to create beautiful, joyful and funny little world in your games!

Nice! Are you planning to make more games with TutoTOONS? Feel free to reveal some details!

Sure! I have many ideas! Probably it will be a cute and glamourous dress up game.

Sounds like something our players really love. How would you describe TutoTOONS in 1 sentence?

Fun and easy game platform for everyone.

Any final thoughts?

Just thank you!

Thank you!

Time to play! Help little Aria and her dog Toby clean up the doll house!

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