Join Our Drawing Challenge!

We want to continue TutoTOONS Level Ups and we invite all ARTISTS to join in!​

What Is Level Up?​

Every week our artists used to think up an artistic task (e. g., Snow White in Space or Me 2 Years After the Zombie Apocalypse), and had to complete it in just 1 hour.

The whole idea is to draw something fun (and quick), and at the same time improve your skills.

Join Today’s Level Up & Show Your Talent!


1. Download this image and sketch different hairstyles for this cute girl.


2. You have time to submit your work until October 22nd, Thursday, 5 PM GMT+3. BUT you should spend only 1 hour for sketching haircuts. That’s the whole idea of Level Up: draw something in a limited time (when you have free time) as good as possible.

3. Feel free to use haircut photos for reference.

4. Email your work at [email protected] with your name, portfolio link, city and country.

Our team can’t wait to see your creations and share them with all our friends! If you need some extra help, you can look up how our artists completed this task.

Good luck and have fun drawing!