Meet Olga, Creator of Princess Game Series

We’re so excited to bring you an interview with Olga Vasilevskaya, Ukrainian graphic designer and game developer behind popular game sequel about a princess with nearly 500,000 downloads!


TutoTOONS: Hi Olga! Please introduce yourself. At what age did you start drawing and how did you
become a game creator?

Olga: Hi everyone! My name is Olga and I’ve created a series of games about a princess: Princess Castle Fun, Princess Christmas Wonderland, Princess Girls Club, and Princess Castle Cleanup. It’s a pleasure to tell a little bit more about myself, if you’re interested of course. 🙂


I began to draw since I could sit, that is, around 6 months, and haven’t stopped ever since. When I was 4, I started to go to art school and used to draw 4-6 hours every day. Then there was a professional art school, where I studied for 4 years, and Art College M.B. Grekova (5 more years).

Then I realized: enough of studies, it’s time to make money!

First I worked as a graphic designer, which was a bit boring. But then I discovered game development. After working in a couple of large game companies, I found out about TutoTOONS. Tried it, felt very happy and work with this platform to this day!


How did you hear about TutoTOONS?

Found it on the Internet.


Besides drawing and game creation, what are your other hobbies and interests?

My main hobby is certainly drawing. Sometimes I make collages from magazine clippings, like this one:

I also like to spend time with my daughter, hang out with friends, knit, crochet, learn Hebrew. Now thinking to start doing yoga.


You’ve been working with TutoTOONS for 7 months now. How does it feel to be a game creator?

I am very pleased to work with TutoTOONS, it gives me complete freedom: I can create games about what and who I want, draw game graphics in any style I want. This simply buys you!

I really like what I’m doing. 7 months ago, I had no idea that I could create a game from scratch, from the idea to the finished product on App Store, Google Play and Amazon. And now it’s real!

What‘s the most interesting thing for you in game creation?

Most of all, I like to come up with game scenario. I also like that stage when the game is almost is ready, everything is assembled on the platform, and you’re just finishing up the details: adding sounds, animations, music… and watching how your “child” comes to life!

But in general, I like the whole process and each phase of game creation.

On average, how long does it take you to make one game?

About a month.


How often do you play games yourself? What‘s your favorite game of all time?

I play games almost every day. Basically it’s apps for kids – I get them for my daughter and at the same time I can analyze the market.

There are other games too. In my childhood, I used to play SUPAPLEX and Crash Bandicoot. My current favorite games are Machinarium, Badland and Lineage.


Your princess game sequel has 4 successful games now. Tell our readers more about them.

This is the story of a princess life. Just like all children, she plays games, eats, sleeps, has friends and cleans up. And despite the fact that she is a princess, she also has to keep the castle tidy!

Of course, she has royal privileges, such as personal unicorn, horse and carriage but they also require care. This princess successfully deals with all her tasks and duties. The player helps her and she’s is very thankful for it!


What game are you creating now?

At first, I wanted to do a follow up for Princess Castle Cleanup but then I changed my mind and decided to make a game about LOSTY.

LOSTY is a good but very confused robot who has lost his name and asks the player to help him find it. To do this, the player will need to tackle different tasks. If you make it right, you will get the name, extra coins and lots of fun!

Imagine that your good friend is building a game with TutoTOONS. If you could share only one tip, what would it be?

Make it as interesting as possible for the kids!

Thank you Olga for sharing your story with us!

Download and play her newest game – Princess Castle Cleanup!

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