GGJ14 Results: Awesome Weekend and Brand New Game Made in 48 Hours

Global Game Jam 2014 was the perfect reason for TutoTOONS team to get together on a weekend and build another game. Inspired by GGJ14 theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”, we are happy to present our newest creation – mobile game “Who Stole the Carrot?”!

Warning! Due to occasional bad language the game is not recommended for small kids and youngsters 🙂

One day cute little rabbit woke up and noticed that his carrots were recklessly stolen. Play detectives with the little rabbit: investigate and interrogate bear, chicken cock, fox, sheep and wolf, and try to catch the shameless thief who dared to steal rabbit’s treasured and beloved carrots. Seek for the absolute awareness as you play – looks can be deceiving. Little rabbit is not what he seems to be…


Authors: Mantas Kavaliauskas, Modestas Povilaitis, Lina Vysniauskaite, Deividas Baumilas, Arvydas Burdulis, Mantas Radvila and Vytautas Tautkevicius.


The game is also available on the App Store:

Or you can get it on Google Play: