Barcinno Celebrates Our Milestone, Fundamentally Children Recommends Our App!

Today we were super excited to hear TutoTOONS name from two very different but very engaging organizations: Barcinno, a community-driven platform sharing the stories, knowledge & events of Barcelona’s startups, and Fundamentally Children, an organization dedicated to helping children develop skills through play and providing expert advice on toys, apps, and much more topics.

While Barcinno puts focus on our startup and 50M milestone, little testers from Fundamentally Children played our Fairy Sisters game and awarded it with their approved status.


We really like what kids say about our app 🙂

“ooh, fairies!” – girl aged 5

“I enjoyed putting the makeup on the fairies’ – girl aged 6

“Can we try and make our own jam?” – girl aged 6

Thank you Barcinno and Fundamentally Children!