Little Kitty Town – New Sandbox Game to Be Released Soon!

According to Smarty Pants' Project 24 study, unstructured, imagination-driven playtime is a leading form of play among today's kids in the USA, while playing games on mobile devices comes right after. We at TutoTOONS are combining both trends and developing app games that give the freedom of experimentation to little players. In My Animal Hair Salon, for example, children will be able to create any hairstyle they want with tons of new tools and hair that can be moved in any direction! In our other game in production, Little Kitty Town, kids will have even more freedom! Designed for our youngest audience, this sandbox game features 35+ cat characters (of all shapes and sizes!), 15+ locations, 100+ objects and, most importantly, unlimited ways of combining them! There are no levels, no rules, no tasks — just pure play! Little Kitty Town — an open world that allows children to create their own pawsome stories! Bonus: a little collection of fails, oddities and just funny moments that happened in the game during its development 😺                          Laundry gone wrong                                         A little party never killed nobody                   Can't stop, won't stop

Sneak Peek at My Animal Hair Salon – Meet New Fluffy Clients

We are super excited to share a new game from our crazy popular Animal Hair Salon series (less then 2 weeks till its release!), but can only show some sneak peeks for now🤫 Kids' favorite fluffy characters, leopard Amy, panda Lu, koala Maggie and cat Pearl will return AND get new animal friends! Get to know them! We've added tons of new hairstyling tools and textures! Now you can brush, move, braid, curl and straighten hair as you wish! The crazier the more fun! Watch this demo video to learn more!

Coloring Pages for Kids with Smolsies! Download & Print for Free

So many people wanted to have coloring pages with Smolsies — so we made them!   Get free printable coloring pages with the cutest creatures. Unicorn cat, dragon, sheep, kitty, deer, bunny —all from our hit game Smolsies! Your kids will love them for sure! Download, print and enjoy! Make sure to send us photos of your kids' creations (via Facebook, Instagram or at — we'd love to see them!