TutoTOONS Summer Slime Lab – Success or Failure?

You've probably heard about slime - a real craze in the kids' world, haven't you? Fun fact: while we are always keeping up with kids trends, the majority of our team members have never actually touched slime! So we decided to change this - and TutoTOONS Summer Slime Lab was born! We were trying to follow these recipes that seemed super easy, but turned out to be quite a challenge! While we didn't really succeed (to be honest, that was a total fail - check out the video below!), we definitely had a lot of fun! At the end of the day, failure is also a result! ;) Keeping up with kids trends is not easy!😆

Magical Tunes behind TutoTOONS

Meet Yoav Alyagon - the creator of upbeat and cheerful tunes you can hear while playing a lot of TutoTOONS games. Let's learn more about this inspiring musician! Yoav lives in a small village in Israel with a beautiful woman, their lovely child and two cats. He has been creating music and experimenting with various genres, from classic to alternative rock to electronic, for over 20 years now. Today my main focus is enjoying life... producing happy and inspiring music, relaxing, having fun and spending a lot of time with my family and friends. For his main sources of inspiration Yoav names kids, cats, sounds of birds, toys, laughter and the overall feeling of joy, ease, happiness and love. Kids are the best. They are full of life, joy, freedom, and innocence. Composing music for kids is fun. It makes me feel like a child again :) So I'm very happy to have my music played on TutoTOONS. Thank you, Yoav, for composing the perfect music for TutoTOONS games! Check out Yoav's music creations on MelodyLoops and AudioJungle.

Sneak Peek at ‘Funny Halloween Party’ with Its Creator

It’s almost Halloween so no wonder we invite you to meet Anna Warenik-Gabbiani, artist of Funny Halloween Party game for kids! About the Game Funny Halloween Party takes kids to mysterious Willow Lane where they help Sarah, Amy and their green monster friend prepare for the night’s festivities. Spooky nail art, Halloween makeup, costumes, pumpkin carving, trick or treating - this game combines all Halloween traditions!   TutoTOONS: Hi Anna, tell us about yourself. Anna: Hi! I’m from Poland but I work as a graphic / visual designer in Milan. I did my Master’s degree in Graphic Design - Visual Arts and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. I’ve also studied Visual Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Italy, where I live. I really like to create children’s illustrations. It’s my big passion. My son is my inspiration for creating new illustrations. I am very interested in illustration, fashion, pattern design, graphic design, advertising, art, product and design. Visit Anna’s blog to see her artwork. Here are some samples: Did you have game creation experience before you started to work with TutoTOONS? This is my first game ever. How did you come up with your game idea? Halloween was coming so it was good to use this time period. What was the most fun part of making Funny Halloween Party? Seeing how my illustrations start to move. And what was most challenging? Learning how to use the software. How much time did it take to create the whole game? First I had to create the characters and than the backgrounds, and then to make them move. With support from TutoTOONS, it took more than a month to create a game. What, in your opinion, is the most important thing in game development? Making good illustrations and being well organized. Share a tip for people new at TutoTOONS. Be quick to modify the illustrations. Are you planning to make more games with TutoTOONS? Yes, I would like that. Describe TutoTOONS in 1 sentence. Well organized. Any final thoughts? Great experience. Thank you! Download and play Funny Halloween Party! Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.tutotoons.app.funnyhalloweenparty1.free App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1048584073 Amazon Appstore for Android: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016DR6T94/

“Pajama Party”: From Sketches to the Final Game on App Stores

You probably haven’t seen so many sketches and how they evolved into a game in one place. Unless, of course, you’re a game author yourself. Meet the creators of Pajama Party Olga and Valery, and learn how they created their first game with TutoTOONS! TutoTOONS: Hi Olga and Valery, tell us about yourself! Olga, Game Designer: Hi! I am from Siberia. I like games. Big, small, casual, hardcore, any… :) I’ve been trying different roles during my career - from 3D modeler to game designer. And as for me, game design is the most challenging and interesting occupation. I still remember my first game in a small indie company. It was a tower defense with New Year’s setting. Well, we exceeded our time limits a bit… And published it in March. :D The game was so short that many gamers were able to finish it within a 30 minutes trial time. As you can guess, we did not make a fortune with this game. :) Valery, Game Artist: I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I had a lot of hobbies (dance, basketball, badminton, wrestling, theater) but drawing it’s what I’m doing for many years, although I’ve never studied it professionally. Strangely enough, I studied analytical chemistry and biotechnology (which is very far from creativity, as you can imagine). I also want to add that I have a twin sister, she and I get along very well. :) Who encouraged you to create your own game with TutoTOONS? V: Yurii Znak wrote me an email. I was pleasantly surprised by his invitation and gladly agreed to become a part of TutoTOONS team. I also wanted to try myself as a game artist. O: I’ve been making games since 2009 but it’s my first experience with the development model when you get % of the profit. I decided that it would be interesting and I have nothing to lose, anyway. Who inspired you with Pajama Party game idea? How did you choose the characters and activities for your game? O: Well, the idea was to make a game about something that our target audience can do. We have two main characters: a girl and her cat. The girl is pretty and cute. And the cat… well, people love cats! ;) About activities - I just googled some articles about pajama parties and  analyzed a few existing PJ games on app stores. Pajama Party sketch and the same scene from the game: Getting to know your competitors and learning what your potential players like is one the first things we recommend before creating a game storyboard. Valery, what can you say about Pajama Party game idea? V: For myself, as an artist, I’d probably paraphrase the question into “Why did you choose to create this game?” :) I like to paint people. After reading Olga’s game design document, which said that it’s a game about a pajama party of the main character and her friends, I figured at once that I will definitely have to draw people. Then, I saw Dress up and Makeup headings, and my suspicions were confirmed. It probably played the key role in my choice of this game. :) We probably should remind all readers that if you want to create only game level design or only game graphics, that’s totally possible with TutoTOONS, and you can choose who you want to work with. Creators of Greek Gods game explained it very nicely in their interview. Pajama Party has a very girly topic and interesting graphics. What can you say about the artistic style of your game? O: Hmm, I just asked Valery to make it nice and good looking. And she did it! :) V: The artistic style… Interesting question. In fact, I immediately decided that I would use soft colors for bedding. First, it’s not just a party, it’s a pajama party, so bright colors seemed to me inappropriate. Second, this game is more focused on girls, so these soft shades seem to me very successful and pleasant for the eyes. For the same reason I did the outline of the most objects dark red (close to pink), tried to avoid black and other “aggressive” colors. V: Now I can tell a little about the style of drawing. Honestly, I didn’t think about it when I drew. I just wanted to bring the game objects to the real objects as close as possible but not to cross the line. Do we need a game looking like a photo collage? :)) The game definitely looks beautiful and unique. What was the most fun part of creating this game? O: The creation process was fun and easy, thanks to TutoTOONS support team! Pleasure to work with you girls! O: In general, the process was the same as for our colleagues, I think. There were many changes, the creation process itself inspired us to add some unplanned features. For me, the most fun moment is reading positive feedback from players. I am so happy that people I have never seen enjoy our game. V: When we were creating the game, a few new ideas were added to make the game more fun. For example, the cat of our main character. This fluffy creation not only plays the main role in one of the mini-games but also appears in other activities, watching the player. I think it was a very good idea. Everyone loves cute cats. Sketch evolution to a mini game with Mr. Cat: V: Olga and I laughed so much from the frightened eyes of the cat when it flies on a balloon or when it is used as a pillow in the pillow fight mini game. V: Honestly, we even thought to change the name of the game to something catlike. :) (just kidding) ;) These moments with a cat were probably the most fun. I might have forgotten some other interesting things… You can always make your next game about funny cats. :) Now tell us, what was the most challenging part? V: Perhaps animations caused the most difficulties. But I didn’t make them so again, I “pass the ball” to Olga. :) O: No, animations were not difficult at all! The challenge was to make the game interesting and catch players’ attention. And how much time did it take to create Pajama Party? O: About two months since the moment we met with Valery. V: If my memory serves me right, we used to create and add something new almost every day. In my opinion, we had less than two weekends free from game creation. :) Can you give a few tips for others who decided to make a game with TutoTOONS? V: First, try to create something original. Second, never forget that you are creating a game for children (most importantly!). Third, your game should contain not only good graphics but also the meaning and idea, and vice versa, because one without the other is not a game. Fourth, add fun items into your game that can be appreciated not only by children but also by parents. ;) O: Have a clear folders structure and try to name files clearly. Often you need to change something you made a few weeks ago. That is why the mess is as welcome as snow in harvest. :) In that case, name “MG_1_back_new” is better than “omgWhatis_goingon”. Ha ha, very good tips! Are you planning to create more games? Can you share a few details about them? V: Yes, I would like to draw graphics for more games so if there are interesting ideas, I will seriously think about it. ;) O: Sure, but no details now! :D Thank you for such a nice interview! Any final thoughts? V: And thank you for calling into your team and helping as you could! I’m very pleased to work with you. And of course, I want to mention Olga Yakovleva, with whom I have worked for almost three months. Thanks to her. :) Besides, I was pleased by a large number of my fellow countrymen. These guys also helped a lot and answered all our questions. :) O: I am happy to work with Valery, she is a very talented artist! And it is great that TutoTOONS team is regularly updating the editor, which makes the creation process more and more flexible. I am sure, that’s just the beginning. We will see more options soon. :) I wish good luck to all my TutoTOONS-colleagues! Wishing Olga and Valery all the best, we invite everyone to play the most fun Pajama Party! App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1006697769 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.tutotoons.app.pajamaparty Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZPOVNB6/

Behind the Scenes of Childhood Inspired “Treehouse Club”

If Nikolai and his game artist Alina could work nonstop and without sleep, the two of them would have made their first TutoTOONS game in a week! Read about the creation of Treehouse Club game and learn how Nikolai turned his childhood hobbies into a game that shows kids how to make their own toys. TutoTOONS: Hi Nikolai! Traditionally, first we want to know everything about you. What do you do, what are your interests and hobbies? Nikolai: Hello all readers! :) My name is Nikolai, I was born in Germany and lived all my life in Ukraine. My parents are very creative people: my mother likes to write poetry, and my father has the talent of an inventor, which I inherited from him. Since childhood, I loved to invent all sorts of interesting things, both useful and not so much. :) I expressed this passion of mine by creating games. In school, I used to make various board games, then played them with friends. Most of those board games were Monopoly genre games. At the same time, I gradually started to program, play computer games and read a lot, mostly fiction. Books often occupied all my spare time. They gave me an infinite source of creativity and broadened my horizon of imagination. Computer games and programming built up my dream to become a game developer. But at that time, I didn’t expect that I will have this chance. Now this opportunity exists, thanks to TutoTOONS. :) In my free time, I like to dream about various things. These moments, I often come up with interesting ideas, some of which I write down so I could bring them to life in the future. Likewise, I love playing and making games. For me, game creation is a very exciting process with all its stages. I also love listening to music. Once, as a hobby, I wanted to learn to play the guitar. I like instrumental music and I wanted to try it myself. Now I have plans to learn how to create soundtracks for games, which is also a very creative and exciting process. So it’s possible that I will reveal my musical skills in my future games. :) That would be wonderful! Now tell us, where did you find out about TutoTOONS? Do you have game creation experience from before? Yes, I have experience in creating games. I had a chance to realize myself as a game developer in the gaming industry but even if I didn’t, I think I’d still search for a way to do it. Cooperation with TutoTOONS helped me a lot in this. While developing games, I realized that you can make a beautiful and interesting game only if you’re fully involved in the creation process, and when you have an opportunity to come up with the plot and implement it without much effort. TutoTOONS gave this opportunity for us, my talented artist Alina and me. Both of us had a dream to work on game projects for children. And once I received an invitation on LinkedIn from Iurii, manager in TutoTOONS, who brought me to this company. :) Alina’s artwork: Iurii explained everything about TutoTOONS and made a great impression, I almost had no questions. I understood that I will be free to choose game topic and everything related to its creation. Possibility to work with my own artist made it even more interesting. What made you work with TutoTOONS from the beginning – what was the most beneficial/attractive thing about it? Freedom to choose what game I want to create, opportunity to work with my personal artist, big player community and the percentage of game sales. The most attractive thing is freedom in work, I didn’t have it in my previous works. Oh, and game creation speed too! With TutoTOONS editor, it’s a very simple process. Much simpler than programming everything yourself. What’s the story behind your game, Treehouse Club? Tell us more about your game idea and how you came up with it. I think many of us, as a child, loved to climb trees and build a tent or a small house. :) The idea of the Treehouse Club game is associated with it. Tree houses used to look very funny, I remember it from childhood. As I mentioned, I like inventing things. When I was a kid, I loved to construct. I enjoyed using the tools to make different parts for any new toy. I think these two things helped me decide how the game will look. In my imagination, I saw a spreading tree with 3 or 4 houses, where each child could make his or her favorite toys. I asked Alina to sketch this complex picture, and I was pleasantly surprised when the result exceeded my expectations. Tree and houses looked very bright and beautiful. The entire game eventually was filled with different bright colors. I think players will agree with me. Alina: I love games for kids, and I immediately liked the idea of the Treehouse Club. I also have experience in working on game projects, other genres though. It was very interesting to work in this style and especially to draw for kids audience. For me, it’s important that this game helps kids learn new things, develop various skills in a playful way, and gives the opportunity to create their favorite toys. I tried to make a bright and colorful world that will allow your child to dive into his/her own little tale, where he or she acts as a “jack of all trades”. :) Looks like Alina knows exactly where to find inspiration for Treehouse Club game graphics :) Your game is an amazing example of how much you can do once you learn the possibilities of TutoTOONS. You used so many different features, animations and visual effects, even for the smallest details. Treehouse Club is full of activities and looks so live! How many hours did it take to make the game from start to finish? Nikolai: The game really is very lively and colorful. Major part of it is the merit of the artist, and all the effects that I used helped to create a living little fairy tale from the game. We worked in the evenings and on weekends. In my calculations, the two of us spent 350 hours, in total. So game creation from scratch to final product would take 1 week from each, graphic designer and artist, if working nonstop and without sleep. :) How did you start making your game and what steps did you take to reach the final result? In general, our game is the result of a great teamwork. It’s very good when game designer listens to the artist, and vice versa. :) What regards the effects inside the game, I immediately imagined how each scene should look like and what animation I want to use to bring it to life. I tried to take a maximum from TutoTOONS game editor. For a couple of days, I studied other similar games and selected effects that I could use in our game. I also tried to work on the test skit where I experimented with animations. TutoTOONS is a simple editor but it allows you to liven up a variety of effects in game scenes. You only need to study them a bit and find the perfect ones. Try, experiment, and you’ll certainly succeed. :) In your opinion, what are the most important things when you’re creating your own game? Any tips for other game creators? The most important thing in creation is to be thrilled by games. Passion helps to follow the ultimate goal. It makes you think about every detail, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the project, feel connected with the player. Ultimately, passion allows you to make a full game form the idea. The developer also has to feel if the game will be interesting: not too difficult for the player, or the opposite, not too easy and boring. You must choose a balance that will let all players enjoy the game. This knowledge comes with experience but I also advise to use tips from other developers, especially those with more experience. Guys from TutoTOONS helped me a lot, thanks to them for it. :) What are your future plans with TutoTOONS? At the moment, I’m doing one more interesting game that will hopefully also get a lot of positive feedback from our players, and I also have a great desire to continue the Treehouse Club game series. Thank you for answering our questions and sharing your story with our readers! Anything you’d like to add? I want to thank all of our readers and players who play our games, we will try to make them even more colorful and interesting! Get ready to make your own toys because Treehouse Club now is available on the biggest app stores! App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id990582200 Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.tutotoons.app.workshoponthetree&hl=en Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WUDM3XW/